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We will be glad to answer any questions that you may have about backflow valve repair and backflow parts.   Our knowledgeable staff is certified in backflow preventer  installation, repair parts and backflow testing. We can help you determine the level of hazard and proper level of protection.  For expert help with all your questions regarding backflow devices and backflow repair parts and cross connection control program.


Start of Your Backflow Plan/ Action to take


Partial list of target industries in small towns

Be sure to evaluate all commercial and  industrial water users. 

Watch for the home business that have a potential cross-connection.

Any one with a boiler system
People using chemicals
Cooling towers
Fertilizer plants
Lawn services
Plating plants
Swimming pools
Commercial laundry
Food processors
Industrial manufacturing
Machine shops
Medical facilities Doctors/ Dentists
Bus garage
Waste water treatment
Fire hall
Auto/ Truck repair
People with commercial dish washers
Photo Labs
City pump house
Cross-connection with private well
Feed lot
11+ story buildings with  internal pump system
Lawn sprinklers
Car washes
Home businesses
Many others
Liquid in-floor heating
Call our Certified Backflow Technician.